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Title: Break
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP
Characters: Yamada Ryousuke, Arioka Daiki
Genre: Angst
Notes: Friendship YamaJima, un-beta’ed

The memories of the one day when everything fell apart.
It happened a month ago, but Daiki still tries shut out the yells and the screams echoing since forever in his head. (The tears, the rage. The day when the thin thread of patience finally snaps.) Everyone stands back up and attempts to recover and go on with their same lives as the unbreakable Hey!Say!JUMP. But things don’t work out so easily.
Daiki sits down quietly next to Ryousuke and they just sit there, the silence unbearably painful.
“What?” he hisses, the other grimaces from the coldness laced into that one word.
Damn it, the older boy of the two looks away feeling even more helpless than ever. He wishes Yabu or Yuya or even Hikaru were here right now, but Ryousuke is his friend. He has to do something; he’s already ignored it for much too long. And look where it all went to…
Daiki wishes for everything to be back to normal.  Back when everyone was still happy.
Back when Yuuto and Ryousuke were still friends.
“Yama-chan,” he says again, failing to hide the anguish in his voice. He hesitantly leans forward to pull the boy in front of him in a hug, and the both of them don’t move for a long, long time.
“You’re my only best friend,” Ryousuke says, staring blankly at his hands. Something inside Daiki breaks.
“That’s wrong,” he speaks in a whisper, and his voice goes even quieter when the hidden sobs reach his throat. “Yama-chan, I’m not your best friend. I’m… I’m not Yuuto.”
It feels like forever when he watches Ryousuke slowly stand up and exit the room, leaving broken pieces of himself behind, and for the first time in months, Daiki bends his head over and cries.
-- Fin
My writing is so rusty. 8D This was just an idea bothering me in the back of my mind, I might continue it to make it have a happy ending, depending if I don’t have much homework over the weekend.

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