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[fanart] School uniforms are awesome~

Title: Hey! Say! (Has no relation to the picture. :/)
Character(s): Nakajima Yuuto
Rating: G

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Nice coloring ♥

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Thank you. ♥

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OMG that's amazing! :o Great job ^^

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lovett. XD

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The Colouring was so nice XD Luv luv

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Arg, now I notice, the mole was placed at the wrong place >x< It should have been placed under the right eye, not the left one

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Yeah, while sketching I put it in the right place, but then I flipped the image half-way through colouring.

OTL; Thanks for telling me.

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Ooh I love your coloring, and the overall look is really nice. Great job! ♥ :3

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oh. my. God.... *A* It's SOOO GOOD! (cept you put the mole under the wrong eye LOL XD)
I LOVE IT~! *stares at hotness* XD

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I knew before but I was too lazy to change it. :I Then I realized that it was just a dot I needed to change. *does it*

Thanks! ♥